Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Yet another video

Jut thought I'd share this vid with you that Des and Shannon made for the youth from the church I visited last year in the Philippines who have birthdays this month. So you can see that there actually ARE wild kangaroos here! boing boing boing...

Happy Birthday Upright Gen (June) from Des Shannon on Vimeo.

Getting into the Werd (as Brian Sumner would say)

At bible study at the shop a week or so ago we watched a Nooma video called "Noise"

Here it is (with spanish subtitles if you are so inclined):

Aferwards we were discussing what noise we personally choose to subject ourselves to and we came to the decision to each choose something to fast for a week. Some chose their car radio, some their ipods. I chose watching TV on my own. I have a tendency to chuck on a dvd when I find myself with spare time. I switch off. I guess that's really what I want to do when I find myself devoid of tasks.

Maybe only a day later, in the quiet of my car (I don't actually have a car radio to choose to switch off, it's always quiet) I was thinking about the Bible. I was thinking how I believe and I tell people that the Bible is God's Word.
That it's God's story.
It recounts times when God has spoken to people.
It recounts times when God has stepped in and acted in amazing ways.
It tells us who God is and what He has done.
What His character is like.
It tells us about who Jesus was, what he did and what he was like.

And it will not be added to. It is a certain length of pages and a certain number of books.

And, often, to be honest, I cannot be bothered to read it. I'll pick up a novel first. I'll turn on the TV. I definitely haven't read all of it. If you count from when I started to really follow God and direct my life and my heart towards Him, I've had about 13 years to read it.

That's so lame.

I apologised to God and I decided to get serious about getting to know God through His word. Often I've just dipped into the Bible to find something that is relevant and applicable to whatever struggle I am having that day. I didn't read it with the purpose to getting to know God. But now I want to. So I found and printed out a reading plan that puts the books in chronological order (I like order) and started at the beginning.

So far I'm into Job (don't be too impressed, according to my list it comes halfway through Genesis) and I feel not necessarily that God is teaching me something to apply to my life through every verse I read but that I am getting to know God's history and character and that is good.

Also I'm seeing the danger of dipping in and out willy nilly. I had previously highlighted a verse in Job (I haven't been a highlighter for a while because I think all God's word is equally good but that's by the by) and I must have found it encouraging or relevant at the time. But looking at it in the context of the whole book it doesn't at all mean what I thought it did when I sliced it out. Context is SO GOOD.

If you do want to do a bible reading plan, I'd encourage you to get one that you can do at your own pace, not one that's dated (or just ignore the dates) as it's too easy to get a busy few days, feel like you're behind and give up.

Just keep reading. Only good can come of it.

"A Harmonious Event" or something equally as cringeworthy and predictable

After the skate conference Dave drove Josh up to us on the Sunny coast to judge a game of S.K.A.T.E. outside Boardstore and play an acoustic gig in the gallery. First prize was a $300 Boardstore voucher followed by one of Josh's pro model decks and a pair of his signature shoes for 2nd and 3rd so quite a few skaters turned out for it. Shannon brought along his massive bbq so we could cook free snags for everyone whilst Josh played some songs. Our friends at the Australian Christian Channel came down to film a piece on the evening and Josh spent time giving an interview with them at the end of the night. The whole evening had a really good vibe and went super smooth, praise God!

I'd encourage you to buy Josh's albums on itunes by searching for Josh Harmony, and pray for him and his family. He was a really great witness to the kids that came, super friendly and willing to spend time with anyone and everyone.

Check out one of the songs from Josh's new album below:

Chattychat in Tweed Heads

One of Rob and Boris's friends, Dave, organised the Christian Skaters Conference this year and we went down to check it out. As we all wanted to go, Des and I just went down for the day to check it out then came back so we could go to the graduation of the January Waves DTS and then cover Boardstore.

It was held in Tweed Heads down on the Gold Coast and was planned to be a few days of fellowship with various speakers and an outreach youth event. I was fortunate enough to be there when Rob spoke about what we do in One Friday Ministry on the coast which was really refreshed in my heart the reasons I am here and what I am working towards. They had flown over pro skater Josh Harmony to share some of his music and he also shared his testimony, reminding us that amongst everything we do in ministry, the most important thing is our relationship with God. A really well timed message for me to hear with everything I've been filling my time with trying to "get done." We were also blessed to have Stan Walker who won Australian Idol lead worship on the morning I was there.

We couldn't stay for the youth event but I heard it went really well and it was good to meet other people in skate ministry in Aus. Dave did a really good job organising it and I hope it happens again next year.

Mr Rob giving it the One Friday chat

Monday, 21 June 2010

Miss Nikki Hammers

My friend Nikki out here is really dear to me, she's such an awesome chick. About ten days ago she fell whilst skating the 15 foot vert ramp in Coolum and suffered 3 fractures in her pelvis. It's not healing at all so far and the doctor has told her it will be 6 months before she can skate again. She's understandably disappointed and very bored. Please pray that she would receive fast and full healing, that God would draw her close and give her patience and wisdom to rest as recommended. She has been accepted to do the snowboarding DTS in Switzerland in September which is obviously looking ropey now so please pray about that too, that God would speak to her about His plans for her. Thanks!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Reach the Beach 2010

I got my photos back from Reach the Beach hurrah! I forgot how long it can take to finish a 36 exposure film!

Reach the Beach is an event which our friends Mark and Melissa Geltch organise every Easter at Coolum beach skate park. They started it in memory of a young skater who tragically took his own life. Wanting to speak positivity and hope in Jesus to the local young people, they began this annual free skate competition. It takes them a lot of work each year and has grown and grown. God has provided some great sponsors to provide big prizes resulting in a high level of competition, drawing a huge crowd. Last year myself and my DTS outreach team helped on the day and this year again we were privileged to be a part of helping it run on the day.

Before the competition kicked off, Des gave the Easter message over the PA and then before the winners were announced Mark again spoke to the crowd about God. Free Skater Bibles were given out to anyone who wanted one and LOTS of kids wanted one!

It was a great way to kick off Pure Parks. The atmosphere was great, the weather stayed fine, we only had one injury (one too many but better than lots) and lots of people heard about Jesus. God is just so good.

A colour co-ordinated Melissa on registration

Mark speaking before prize giving