Thursday, 27 August 2009

In other news...

The trip to Darwin was a supreme success! Des did a great job leading the team as they ran skate comps and went into schools. They made great connections with people and God moved powerfully during that time, revealing himself to all the skaters on the team. By the end of the trip each of them had made a step towards God and it's been so amazing to see the transformations that God is bringing about in their lives. I'm already seeing one of them in particular speaking God into the lives of other skaters and his hunger for God is incredible to see. To read more about the trip have a look at Des's blog: Praise God for the way He used the Impact World Tour and please pray for all the guys on the team and all the young people that they met up there.

Heels on Wheels, the girls skate session continues to go really well, last night sweets and slurpees kept us going for 5 hours, it was so good! The gallery is looking better and better, there are a few key pieces I'm waiting on, then we'll have an official opening and invite the press to come and get it some publicity. We're thinking about selling spray paint and other art supplies in there as well, please pray that God would make His plans for that space clear to me and that I would seek and listen to Him and His visions, not my own.

After Wakeskate Wonderland I was offered the opportunity to work a day a week at the cable park on reception and in the cafe which I'm really chuffed about. The managers at the cable are Christians too and I'm looking forward to helping out there and getting to know the staff and riders.

I had a lovely package of cards and letters from my homegroup at SMOB which made me feel very loved, and a box with a pair of sneakers and a notebook from a couple of friends at Christ Church. Thanks so much everyone, you mean so much to me :)

Last week a local school chaplain Alan Taylor and his wife were killed in a traffic accident as they helped their daughter fix her car by the side of the motorway. Many people knew and loved them, please pray for their family, children and friends that God would hold them close through this devastating time.

I've been praying alot about what I'm doing here and where I should be in the near future. I feel that God's been opening amazing doors for me in the ministry here, and I'm loving what I'm doing and the people I'm connecting with, both on the team and in the skateparks. I have moved my return flight to England to November 17th and will be staying home for a family Christmas (can't wait!) then heading back out here to continue the ministry I'm in. Please do pray that I would be hearing God on His plans for my life and being wise in my decisions. It's really hard to surrender my rights like being close to my family and friends but I have to admit that my life belongs to Him, my choices belong to Him as He made me, saved me, and knows what's best for me.

Thank you so much for your continued support, please let me know what I can pray about for you.

In Him,
Claire x

The One Friday Skateboard Ministry team:

Des, Fabi, Rob, Derek, Boris, Andy, Mark, Jonno and me.

Winter Wakeskate Wonderland Roundup

Hi everyone,

Winter Wakeskate Wonderland was a huge success! Right up until the last minute we were praying for another boat for the riders to use as we needed two but only had one confirmed, and more riders to come to the event as we only had 20 paying riders registered but needed 33 to break even on the event costs. On the day we had exactly 33 paying riders arrive praise God! And on the second day two Mastercraft X-Star boats came, the best wakeboarding boat in the world right now. Not only did the guys from Mastercraft come but they insisted on paying for the petrol to use them both all day which saved us a huge amount of money.

Things went really smoothly, we did have one bad injury during a freeride session but he was able to stay for the rest of the event. Alongside the riders we flew in from America, riders came from Perth, Melbourne, Cairns, Sydney and Gold Coast. The Pro riders we flew in said they had a good time, and two of them turned out to be Christians which was super good; knowing that there are people out there at the top level being Jesus in the industry. The atmosphere was great and everyone left saying they'd come back for the next event.

So thank you for all your prayers for the event. Andy, Millsy and Dubsy did an awesome job running the event and big thanks to the current YWAM DTS students and staff who came to help with food prep and cleanup each day which made a massive difference. Special shout out to Anne as well who did a sterling job working tirelessly leading the kitchen. Super Ultra Mega Steezy!

Here are videos that Fin put together of the goings on:

Thursday, 6 August 2009

The Lord builds the house

Hi everybody

The gallery is open! There's more artwork to go in and I still need to do all the labelling and pricing but the door has been knocked through, the sign is up and people are having a peek! here are some more photos of the final touches and the finished space.

Des gets started on the back wall

The Gallery entrance

The finished space

Skater Jesus by Des Rountree

Canvas by Jonathan Cunliffe, photos by Derek Ellens

Paintings by Dave Fisher

My grip tape

So there's still work to do but it feels good to have the room open so people can see what's been going on. Last weekend Tricia came and prayed in the space and gave me these verses from Psalm 127:

1 Unless the LORD builds the house,
its builders labor in vain.
Unless the LORD watches over the city,
the watchmen stand guard in vain.

2 In vain you rise early
and stay up late,
toiling for food to eat—
for he grants sleep to those he loves.

I can spend all hours of the day working on this project but unless God is at the centre of it, there's no point. He need to build this into what He wants it to be. I'm so glad God keeps reminding me what and who this is all for.

The Heels on Wheels girls skate sessions are going strong, the last couple of weeks have been so much fun, super encouraging and are really helping us to get to know each other.

We have been praying for an indoor warehouse in which to build a skatepark for all the skaters in the local area. We asked God for a space near the shop, not over $500 a week, long and thin and with only a year's lease. And one has presented itself! It meets all those requirements plus they are willing to put a clause in the contract so that if there are complaints and we need to leave, the contract is voided and we're not tied in. It seems such an answer to prayer. We are holding off on it for a few weeks to pray further, certain that God will tell us whether or not to go ahead.

Des is off today on a 9 day trip to Darwin. He's taking a small group of local skaters up there to be a part of the Impact world tour, running competitions, demos and speaking in schools. Please pray for him as he leads this team, pray for safety and unity for the team and pray for all the youth they will come in contact with.

I was interviewed for a friend's website back in the UK a few days ago and it's already gone up online, you can find it here: I'm so proud of my friend Amy and what she's doing through G:EM. She's so passionate about girls growing with God and I'm inspired every time she tells me about all the things they're doing.

I'm getting involved with the running of an event coming up - Wakeskate Wonderland. If you're not sure what wakeskating is, check this video out:

In it's second year now, it's the biggest wakeskate event in Australia, my friends Andy and Willsy run it and have asked me to help plan it. It's from the 18th - 20th August and basically people buy a ticket, come to the cable park, camp and ride there for the three days during which time we do competitions, boat sessions and entertainment. They are hoping for around 50 riders to attend so there's plenty to do to prepare. My job will be to be the overseer of things during the events. Andy and Willsy will be in charge overall, I will be the person people come to with questions or problems, watching everything and making sure jobs are getting done - I'm super stoked to be involved. It's going to be awesome! Please pray for all the preparations, there's so much to do and lots of logistics including flying in pro riders from all over the world.

So that's all for now, please do let me know if you would like me to pray for anything. Thanks so much for all your help and prayers, please pray that I would be patient and continue to pursue God's answers for things on my heart.

In Him