Thursday, 27 August 2009

Winter Wakeskate Wonderland Roundup

Hi everyone,

Winter Wakeskate Wonderland was a huge success! Right up until the last minute we were praying for another boat for the riders to use as we needed two but only had one confirmed, and more riders to come to the event as we only had 20 paying riders registered but needed 33 to break even on the event costs. On the day we had exactly 33 paying riders arrive praise God! And on the second day two Mastercraft X-Star boats came, the best wakeboarding boat in the world right now. Not only did the guys from Mastercraft come but they insisted on paying for the petrol to use them both all day which saved us a huge amount of money.

Things went really smoothly, we did have one bad injury during a freeride session but he was able to stay for the rest of the event. Alongside the riders we flew in from America, riders came from Perth, Melbourne, Cairns, Sydney and Gold Coast. The Pro riders we flew in said they had a good time, and two of them turned out to be Christians which was super good; knowing that there are people out there at the top level being Jesus in the industry. The atmosphere was great and everyone left saying they'd come back for the next event.

So thank you for all your prayers for the event. Andy, Millsy and Dubsy did an awesome job running the event and big thanks to the current YWAM DTS students and staff who came to help with food prep and cleanup each day which made a massive difference. Special shout out to Anne as well who did a sterling job working tirelessly leading the kitchen. Super Ultra Mega Steezy!

Here are videos that Fin put together of the goings on:

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