Monday, 31 October 2011

Burgers, S.K.A.T.E. and Starbucks

I used to have a certain view of Starbucks. As a non-coffee drinker I didn't frequent their shops so it was formed by other people's representation of them and I wasn't really interested in forming my own. I had good friends that worked there and I certainly wasn't anti-Starbucks but generally I thought it was just another big chain taking over the world. I had no idea what values they were trying to implement in their stores but Rob Hensser (our base director), Boris and Derek knew alot more about it than I did. Aside from being coffee connoisseurs they've read the Starbucks story and knew that Starbucks value community and want to be a force for positive action in their neighbourhoods. And so they have been meeting with the big wigs from Starbucks Mooloolaba and it turns out that they are Christians and have been looking for ways to get involved locally outside their stores. Thus begins a beautiful partnership. Starbucks usually works with registered charities which we are not but they really grasp the concept of business as missions and want to support what we do. Huzzah for Starbucks!

Our first outing with them was a couple of weeks ago. We put on a free BBQ and a free game of S.K.A.T.E. and Starbucks brought along free coffee and cakes. We emailed a flyer to a popular skateboard website for them to post up on their forum and we got some interesting responses...

One of the guys goes on to call us "biblestore." It's uncomfortable to be hated but whatever you're doing you're going to get hated on and I'm stoked that of all things, they're hating on us for giving away free bibles. They got the church funded and SBA backstabbing bit wrong but it's pretty rad that people know us for being about Jesus and they're even putting it out there for us. Biblestore. Cool.

Regardless of the negativity Friday night was busy and people were loving the free goodies. The crew from Starbucks were so awesome and friendly. I had a good chat with their manager and she was saying how excited they are to be able to get out of the shop and do something in the community. The comp was super laid back - no PA system, no registration, just rock up and play skate and maybe win $200. It was pretty cool hearing one guy in the middle of a game say "oi watch my coffee!" forget Red Bull, Boardstore comps are way more classy.

Cheers to Desmond for the photos.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

And... you're back in the room

My wonderful sister Lisa is expecting my first niece in a couple of weeks! I couldn't be at her baby shower which sucked big time so I made some bunting to decorate it. She loves Sausage dogs. And these colours tie in with the blinds in my niece's room. And I put a leopard print one in there just to remind my niece of me but coupled with the red satin it turned out a bit sexy which is less me and perhaps more than a little inappropriate for a baby's room but then I guess being a little inappropriate is quite me so it works. Maybe.

I skyped into the shower and it was just lovely sitting listening to everyone chat and being able to take part in a couple of games, I really felt like I was there. I'm so excited for Lisa and Dave, please pray for them as they get ready to be parents to my niece!

From Australia...

... to England!

My view - note the food baby*!

*Not a food baby but in fact an actual baby.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Making a molehill out of a mountain

I took a day off and hung out with my friend Nikki, her sister and a couple of her mates. We climbed Mt Tibrogargen. No big deal. Actually a lot of it is proper climbing handholdsstretchinghowoneartharewegoingtocomebackdownthiswayholdonmyfootgoeswhere?! so it was kind of a big deal and very fun and very beautiful. Thank God for friends and mountains!

(Click to see what we saw)

Checking in with Boardstore Surf

Boardstore Surf has been open for just over 2 months now and it's ticking along nicely. I still need to get a handle on who our customer is there and what they want to buy but so far there's been no big issues and everyone's being very understanding. We have a few new staff working one or two days a week each including:

Jordy - a young local who recently did his DTS in Bali with my friend Katie and brings an excellent element of high-larity to the shop
Jono - the director of Christian Surfers QLD
Rob - YWAM Sunny Coast's own director and previous Englishman

Jeremy and Ashlee have been writing on their blog about the ministry that they are building up out of the shop which is incredible to see and a privilege to help facilitate.

We had a dedication morning at the shop, it was sweet to have it packed out, Jay shared his heart for the ministry and we prayed en mass for the store, the customers, the locals and the staff.

Jay in the (freshly recovered and recoated) hot seat

Kodan "bounce a coin off my abs" Lynam modelling one of our literally hundreds of Billabong hats

Some of the YWAM SC dads and their baby sons