Monday, 17 October 2011

Checking in with Boardstore Surf

Boardstore Surf has been open for just over 2 months now and it's ticking along nicely. I still need to get a handle on who our customer is there and what they want to buy but so far there's been no big issues and everyone's being very understanding. We have a few new staff working one or two days a week each including:

Jordy - a young local who recently did his DTS in Bali with my friend Katie and brings an excellent element of high-larity to the shop
Jono - the director of Christian Surfers QLD
Rob - YWAM Sunny Coast's own director and previous Englishman

Jeremy and Ashlee have been writing on their blog about the ministry that they are building up out of the shop which is incredible to see and a privilege to help facilitate.

We had a dedication morning at the shop, it was sweet to have it packed out, Jay shared his heart for the ministry and we prayed en mass for the store, the customers, the locals and the staff.

Jay in the (freshly recovered and recoated) hot seat

Kodan "bounce a coin off my abs" Lynam modelling one of our literally hundreds of Billabong hats

Some of the YWAM SC dads and their baby sons

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