Thursday, 20 October 2011

And... you're back in the room

My wonderful sister Lisa is expecting my first niece in a couple of weeks! I couldn't be at her baby shower which sucked big time so I made some bunting to decorate it. She loves Sausage dogs. And these colours tie in with the blinds in my niece's room. And I put a leopard print one in there just to remind my niece of me but coupled with the red satin it turned out a bit sexy which is less me and perhaps more than a little inappropriate for a baby's room but then I guess being a little inappropriate is quite me so it works. Maybe.

I skyped into the shower and it was just lovely sitting listening to everyone chat and being able to take part in a couple of games, I really felt like I was there. I'm so excited for Lisa and Dave, please pray for them as they get ready to be parents to my niece!

From Australia...

... to England!

My view - note the food baby*!

*Not a food baby but in fact an actual baby.


  1. so cool you got to be apart of the day. and glad you changed the leopard triangle. that was a little too sexy.

  2. actually I didn't have time to change it..... haha