Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Gallery progress

Well the gallery is nearly done, here are some photos for you

So in the beginning....

The space was used as a Thai take away before so there were interesting colours to deal with as well as some old lino and lots of tiles.
Derek, Jonno and I got cracking with the painting.

There were some metal pieces in the floor left over from a dividing wall which gave us an excuse to have fun with a grinder:

And for a while we thought the best plan of action was to take up all the tiles to paint the entire floor the same colour. So I got to have a go with an air compressor and chisel...

Although after taking up a 2m strip I did realise this was perhaps not the best plan of action... underneath was a real mess. So we've given the remaining tiles a deep clean and after an epic battle taking up the lino we painted the concrete floor black.

So now it's just the trimmings like skirting and setting up the display system. Nearly there nearly there.....

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