Monday, 25 January 2010

Happy Australia Day!

Phew it's a toasty 32 degrees today and no-one's working because it's Australia Day and on Australia Day you have to have a BBQ. It's the law. I've been back for a week now and things are going great. I'm between houses right now just waiting for a room to become available in a friend's house in Mooloolabah. It's a lovely place to live, about ten minutes closer to work than where I'm staying now so I'm looking forward to moving in. It will cost more than living in YWAM housing but the prospect of sharing a room with three other girls when I come in so late from skating wasn't really ideal and I really wanted to be in a more homely environment rather than a house that always has people coming and going. So for the next few weeks I'm staying in a friend's garage then I'll be moving to my new room with a king size bed! (Thanks Andy you're awesome!)

I had a great two months back home over Christmas, it was precious to spend so much time with my family and to reconnect with my friends and all their new babies (and bumps!). I also appreciated the opportunity to share with many people at Churches and again the support I received had a big impact on me. A massive thank you to everyone who took an interest in the work I'm doing and supported me in prayer and financially. It really does make such a huge difference to my life and it's not something I take for granted.

One Friday Ministry

I've been having good talks with Boris about my role in the ministry and have started working more at the warehouse helping with the admin side of the Boardstores. I'm excited to get stuck in. Whilst I was in the UK the guys built and opened Caloundra Boardstore. I haven't managed to get a camera down there yet but here's a taster that Kodan took on his mobile:

It's smaller than the Maroochy store and has a different almost boutiquey vibe which is cool. I like that they have different identities. Plus all the woodworking done by friends who own a kitchen factory is super steezy.

Heels on Wheels will start up again on Thursday, I'm excited to see everyone again and want to plan a few girl's trips this term so we'll have heaps to talk about.

Last Saturday Skate Church kicked off 2010 with a skate and scooter competition. Mark and his family did such a great job and loads of kids came and heard the impact of the gospel through his talk. Praise God for Skate Church! They've been doing this event for years now, are a constant presence at Coolum skate park and must have seen and talked to so many young people in that time. God is really laying hammers through this amazing family who live by faith and push hard for Him.

Other ministry

Yesterday morning Des took the lecture for the current DTS for the introduction to "Hearing God." He spoke about being wholeheated and and not being double minded and did a great job. He asked me to share with them about surrendering rights and being open to hear God speak about things that involve sacrifice. I spoke to them about being away from my family back home and about surrendering my art to God last year and how much he taught me through those things. It was good to share and I feel God taught me even more about my experiences in those areas just through recapping them. Des and I were tripping out a bit over how this time last year that was us doing our DTS and now we're standing in front of a class teaching. It's awesome to see such a clear indicator of where God has taken you in just a year and it excited me to wonder where He will have taken me a year from now.

Over Christmas I had an email from a lady from the council asking if I would run some skateboard art workshops and a competition as a part of National Youth Week in April. I'm really stoked on the idea and think it'll be great to work with the council and build relationship with them as well as meeting more kids. I'll be giving her a call tomorrow to talk about it further, if you could pray for that I'd appreciate it.

Super cool.
Thanks again everyone, please do let me know if there's anything I can pray into for you. If you feel like you would like to partner with me financially in the work I'm doing please do let me know. Like the loaves and fishes, what seems like a small thing can make a big difference.

In Him with love

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