Friday, 10 September 2010

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' on the riverrrrrrrr

Boardstore got the start of a facelift last week with Boris and Kodan heading up the knock through into the Gallery. Making a big hole in a breeze block wall turned out to be more work than Big B expected but the boys got 'er done and it looks awesome. The gallery will now house our longboards, scooters and protective products, leaving the main shop core skate. Whilst the boys were making use of the power tools I seized the opportunity offered from emptying the shoe wall on account of the dust to paint the slat wall tango orange (why not?). This led inevitably to painting of other areas which now looked a bit grubby. There's still work to do but the space we now have is most excellent.

Super much thanks to Kodan, Esther, Isaac, Melody and Blair for helping out you are all very excellent and well done Boris for managing to use power tools safely after two nights of little sleep. Nice one.

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