Monday, 18 April 2011

Kingdom Builders 2011

When I was in the Philippines in 2009 we went on a camp for the kids there, run by our new friends at Grace Covenant church. The young leaders there who call themselves The Upright Generation were far and away the most amazing, inspirational, full throttle, sold out for Jesus group of young people I've ever met. They were an inspiration in every way. Their faith, their fearlessness, their boldness and their love for the kids on that camp still motivates me, two years on.

At the weekend Des put together this brilliant promotional video for the camp this year that Upright Gen can use over there to encourage more kids to go on the camp and meet with God. It featuresa few of my friends here, all have been involved with skate ministry and all have been to the camp either last year or the year before with me. So click below and check out what happened when Dan, Cheets, Des, Shannon, JC, Wolfie and myself went to Kingdom Builders.

Kingdom Builders 3 Promo from Des Rountree on Vimeo.

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