Monday, 2 January 2012

D-Rock The House.

This is Derek. He is from Michigan, makes awesome sandwiches and tried to teach me how to eat quicker.

He looks a bit like a hero in this photo and I think I chose it because 2011 was the year he saved my butt. I was enjoying my role in the shops but I was getting close to self destruct. I was viewing ranges for and reporting on and ordering and receiving and distributing all product for the stores plus fulfilling customer requests, trying to populate the online store, make sure the drinks machine was full, the rosta was functioning, doing all the banking... you get the picture. I'm not trying to toot my own horn saying I did all these things, I'm saying I couldn't do all these things. I had a minor break down and Derek was there to listen to me talk about it and Derek was there saying he would help me.

Derek took over taking care of all the hardware in the stores. That's all the skateboards and parts which we sell through quickly and are ever changing, leaving me to focus on the softgoods (shoes, clothes, accessories). For Derek it involves trying to stay on top of things so we don't run out of anything people want as well as keeping an eye on what's coming next so we have the freshest gear. It's hard work, pressured and endless and he's doing it so well. I simply didn't have the time or energy to look into this new longboard brand or that new bushing but he has brought in new products that I hadn't even heard of. He has his finger on the pulse and works really hard and now I don't stay at the warehouse until midnight anymore. "Thank you" doesn't quite cut it.

On top of this, over the last couple of years our weekly BBQ became his regular duty. I'm not sure if it officially was asked of him or if it was something that fell onto his shoulders but his willingness and faithfulness, week after week, buying the food and cooking it and keeping it going has been really incredible and very humbling. He's awesome.

He's in Michigan right now visiting his family and please pray he has a wonderfully refreshing and relaxing time with them. Please also pray for him this year as he looks into his next VISA to stay with One Friday and generally pray God's abundant blessing all over him. Having him as a part of the Boardstore team is a big blessing to me.

Cheers D-Rock!
Your friend Nibs x

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