Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Clean Up Down Under

Morgan ready to pick

I've always thought that Australia was a freakishly tidy place and I didn't know if this was because they hire more great people to clean up after everyone else or because everyone here just has an awesome attitude towards their surroundings. Well I think it must be a combo cos Sunday was national Clean Up Australia Day and the fact they have this day every year is wicked cool. The church I go to organises the congregation into groups to go out into allocated areas of the community to pick up rubbish instead of having a 9am service. God gave us the world to take care of so why would we sit in a service whilst the rest of the country tidies it up?

My gang was working on an area near a highway turn off so there were rich pickings tossed from cars. One super person even threw a can out to Isaac as they passed him. So helpful! After the mass pickup everyone met back at church to put their rubbish in the skips, wash their hands, eat a snag and exchange stories of the things they found (nappies, underwear, someone once found a fridge with an animal head in it, delightful).

Isaac stoked on his find

At our local skatepark last week I was sitting down surrounded by empty cans, bottles and food packets. I realised that often I only thought of litter picking if we were doing a Pure Parks visit and when I was just hanging out there it was easy not to see the rubbish lying around. So I started picking up stuff and straight away the other guys joined in. I think it's a really important part of showing that we love the skatepark and the people that use it. So I am challenging myself not to walk past litter when I go there and asking God to open my eyes to it and realise that I'm never too busy to pick something up and put it in the bin. SAY YES TO LITTER PICKING!

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