Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Designing Decks at Namtec

A while ago Boris hooked me up with a youth support officer called Jocelyn from Namtec in Nambour who runs a programme for youth who have trouble staying in school. They run alternative classes in an attempt to engage the teenagers and get them into anything productive rather than just skipping school. Jocelyn asked me to come in for two weekly sessions and run a class for the youth to design and make their own skate decks. It's been ages since Create2Skate and what they're doing is sweet so I was keen to get involved.

Yesterday was the first session in which I helped them hash out a few designs and decide on their final layout, colours and materials. Three girls came and one guy who left quickly, obviously not keen on being the only dude. Two of the girls enjoy art so were pretty into it and one was less keen and got a bit bored after sketching out one idea. I tried to keep them engaged and pushed them to consider all elements of their designs, encouraging them to look through the books and magazines I'd brought for inspiration and reference.

The girl who seemed least keen found an image in a book and ended up doing the most bold and striking design which was great and I found it easy to compliment them all on what they had come up with to make next week.

After an hour and a half it was time for them to go and I asked Jocelyn how she felt it went and if it had been what she expected. She told me that normally they don't all stay for the whole session, someone usually goes for a joint and doesn't come back. And for them to remain engaged in an activity for that long with no dramas was really unusual.

I'm stoked.


  1. nice work claire. thats awesome.

  2. :) Genius. Anyone who leaves early from getting input from such an amazing artist would feel the loss at some point. What an opportunity! - for both sides.