Friday, 2 March 2012

Well that's just swell.

Hey howdy hey Northsiders

Here's some up dizzle from Austrizzle...

Matt came here to push the Pure Parks vision and he's really storming, the guys are doing trips nearly every weekend and taking groms with them. He's also connecting with and organising other teams of people to come and do Pure Parks trips... champion. His blog is here: check out God's hammers.

The shops are always pretty quiet around this time so no big news there, Derek's still taming it keeping them juiced with hardware and as we're fully stocked with clothes I'm trying to learn to say no to reps without feeling guilty. The guys are all doing great jobs in the stores connecting with the locals and giving out more Bibles than the Gideons*

We have the keys for our indoor skatepark! Though the ramps have been delayed coming from the US so more accurately we have the keys to an empty warehouse! Please pray we have no more delays getting the park up and running with installation, insurance and all the setup, it's costing a big ole massive heap of money.

Anika has been connecting with girls at the skatepark which is awesome to see, she's a brilliant slice of Madrid in my day.

Overall One Friday is awesome, everyone is awesome, God is awesome. You knew that.

I'm doing some more artwork and praying God keeps reminding me why I'm doing it and keeps my heart in check. Some exciting stuff in the pipeline although I'm trying not to count my penguins.

And then if you want to talk to Jesus about me...

Over the last year I've started to have an anaphylaxis reaction when I dance and get hot. Sweet awesomeness! My eyes swell up so I look like I've been trying to get an eyelash out using a slice of onion after being told my puppy's dead. Very chameleon chic. A couple of weeks ago I got a bit hectic on the dance floor with Kath out for her hen do and had to spend the night in A&E. She stayed with me... what a beautiful friend she is.

Mr Doc says there's nothing that can be done, just take antihistamine before similar situations (which makes me drowsy) and then take stronger ones at the first sign and then go to hospital if it gets stupid. If you know me then you know what a bummer this is. Not a massive thing in the greater scheme of life but it impacts something I find great freedom in. So of course I welcome prayer about that, I'm praying too, it'll be interesting to see if God tells me it's related to anything else I need to sort out.

Super de duper.

Miss you all, thanks for your prayers and for being my friends!

*probably not as many as the Gideons. But it's a lot.

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  1. ohhh claire that sucks big time. so glad you know what it is though and not just a random thing. hope you get some healing there. praying for you
    love love