Sunday, 14 June 2009


My oh my
Thank you to everyone who came on Saturday and special thanks to Becky, Alex, Faith and my parents who put in so much work beforehand and on the night to make it a success. 

So many people came, many people bought my work, many people paid more than I was asking and many people just gave me money asking for nothing in return. I was astounded by your generosity. Together you gave me over £1300! It has made a huge difference to my circumstances and I promise you that I will continue to be prayerful in my finances and follow God's leading in my outgoings.

Thank you too for all your kind comments on my work and enquiries about commissions, I want to give all the glory to God for blessing me creatively, inspiring me and teaching me how to use my creativity. I also want to thank Him for showing me how much bigger He is than my hopes or expectations. These last two weeks have surpassed anything I imagined.

Another exciting thing from today was that at church this evening I saw one of the young skaters I hung out with in woking last summer. I knew then that he had been along to the friday night drop in at church but seeing him in the service tonight was awesome. The way that everyone spoke to him and knew him told me that he has been really getting stuck in there and that was so encouraging to see.

The service at SMOB this morning was focussed on missions and this video was shown... it certainly struck a chord with me.

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