Sunday, 9 May 2010

Be a member, not an attender.

Whilst I was back home Mum invited me along to the Alpha group that she has been going to. It's made up of a number of ladies who had kids going to playgroup at Christ Church and approached Sandra the vicar asking if an Alpha group could be set up for them. They're a rad bunch of ladies, so funny.

The theme this week was on Church and what Church is. We watched Nicki Gumble's DVD and then talked about what makes Church - the building? the people? What you do? It was great to hear them talk. What struck me was the notion that Church is a family of people and everyone is welcome but it makes all the difference when you choose to be a part of it. To be a member, not an attender. Looking back on my experiences of looking for a church, I did see a pattern that in those churches where I did not seek to become involved in the life of the church, where I did not serve the church body in a way, those were the churches I left easily. I might have got to know some people there and been fold of them, but it was the times when I served people that I felt most a part of the church family and most at home. I recognised that it started when I began to help out with Friday Night Group at SMOB and the pattern has continued with helping to set up the chairs at Good Life in Australia. Whatever it is, whether it's organising a cell group or vacuuming the floor, serving your brothers and sisters encourages that sense of community, of being a part of something. Of course you are still a part of the body of Christ if you just go along each week and sit in the back but I think you gain so much when you muck in.

So I want to encourage you; be a member. Not an attender. Make a choice, commit, get involved.

And check this out!

Thanks to the awesome ladies of Ottershaw Alpha!

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