Sunday, 9 May 2010

Visiting with Fairview

Back in May I was invited by Graham to come and share at the Fairview group which is Smob's housegroup for people with learning difficulties.

They start off with coffee and catch up then have a time of worship and talking about God.
Graham had brought along a big map of Australia so that I could show them where I live, and had worn his Australia Tshirt and corked hat to fit the part!

I told them about what I was doing in Australia and they asked me questions. It was so cool, I loved meeting them all and hanging out with them. At the end they prayed for me and I felt so blessed. When they prayed for me it felt so genuine and from the heart and reminded me that prayer is simply talking to God, sometimes I think I make it way too complicated. Big thanks to all the Fairview group and everyone involved in running it, you are such a blessing.

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